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Tutoring at home:

Personalised learning:

All necessary materials are prepared and sent before online classes, so that the student can receive more personalised attention adapted to their individual needs. In Face–to-face classes, all material is provided, including Montessori materials to use.

Comfortable and familiar environment:

The student has the opportunity to learn in a more comfortable and familiar environment, which can help reduce pressure and stress, favouring learning.

Schedule flexibility:

By doing the classes at home, you can have more flexibility in your schedule, which allows you to adapt to the needs of each student and work at an appropriate pace.



Greater participation and motivation:

By receiving classes at home, the student can have greater participation and motivation in the learning process, since they feel more comfortable and participate in more practical and meaningful activities.

Better communication between student and teacher:

Being in a more intimate environment, the communication between the student and the teacher can be more fluid and open, which facilitates the learning process and the teacher is on hand to answer any doubts.





In the digital age, there is a wealth of online resources that allow us to learn and expand our knowledge. Online courses, tutorials, educational videos, and virtual learning platforms can be effective tools for learning beyond books.

There are many different ways of learning that enrich us and provide a broader perspective of the world, and being able to study at homes one of them.




Hi, I am a qualified primary school teacher with many years of experience with the British curriculum and IB training. 

I became a Montessori guide in 2017, working first in Nido (0-3)  Casa (3-6) and then in Lower Elementary (6-9), which I’ve done for the last 5 years. 

I teach Lower Elementary (Kindergarten and Primary) online classes with students in Canada, USA, South America and Europe. Time zones are not a problem!

ABOUT the classes

Main goal

» I know how to make study at home fun and productive for children «

– Madeleine McGillivray 




  • PGCE Primary Education – ages 5-11, University of Goldsmiths, London
  • TESOL Certificate from Trinity College London.
  • International Montessori Centre, London; Diploma in Montessori Birth-6 Pedagogy and Early Years Educator.
  • North American Montessori Center-Diploma en Lower Elementary 6-9.
  • Diploma in Teaching SEN (UK)

  • AMI orientation course 6-9, Sydney Montessori Training Centre

  • BA Hons Geography, University of Strathclyde.
  • Languages: Native English, Spanish and Portuguese.


    • 20 years of experience in teaching ESOL.

    • 15 years of experience in primary education.

    • Experience teaching the British Curriculum, American Common Core Standards and IB.

    • Casa Guide and Elementary Guide with 7 years of Montessori experience.

    • I have worked in several schools in Spain and Portugal: British Council, Portugal, Kensington School, Madrid, Escadinavo School, Madrid among others. in Valencia


Skill areas

  • Support for children with EAL needs.

  • Support for children with SEN.

  • Support at home in all curriculum subjects

Montessori en Valencia
Montessori en Valencia
Montessori en Valencia
Montessori en Valencia



I cover all curricular class subjects: Mathematics, English, Geography, History, Science, Phonetics and Spanish. Tailored to your child’s needs.


I teach English to all ages and levels, up to the Cambridge exams (FCE, CAE) and IELTS.



Learning with practical Montessori materials and the British curriculum, both online and in person.


Teaching with interactive and very interesting, specific Montessori history and geography materials.


I have helped many children learn to read from scratch, using the British phonics system.

Spanish: I give classes to students from other countries who want to learn Spanish from scratch in a fun and interactive way.



Hello maddy
Since you understand Spanish perfectly, I’ll write to you in Spanish, that way it’s easier for me.
I speak on behalf of P, myself and L. We have 100% confidence in you, L has made an incredible qualitative leap this year, she wants to go to school (every day!), and when she leaves She’s happy. You may be the best teacher she’s ever had, in and out of school. Please keep it up!! The 3 of us are very happy having you as a teacher, just the way you are, just the way you act. Thank you!!

Hi Maddy!!! I want you to know that I am very proud that you are my son’s teacher, he speaks very highly of you and he loves you very much, and I know the effort you are making, you are very involved and that is appreciated.

Dear Maddy

I have been meaning to write to you to thank you for the amazing dedication I see in the constant updates of the kids…

Reading your email today brought tears to my eyes: «help me to help myself»: that is the embodiment of everything I believe education is supposed to do. We are so blessed to have you as D’s teacher.

Thank you for your constant communication with us, the parents.

Thank you for seeing the uniqueness in our children.

Thank you for making our kids aware of their talents.

Thank you for challenging our kids to grow, to take ownership of their work and navigate social situations.

Thank you for being a fun teacher.

Thank you for setting limits with clarity, and love.

Thank you for answering emails promptly, for giving us helpful answers, even during weekends.

Thank you for always trying to find ways to show us what’s going on inside the classroom.

Thank you for your positive attitude and direct approach. 

Thank you for making us feel comfortable to talk about hard things and giving us honest answers.

Thank you for making our children feel «seen»: there is something so special for children to be seen and loved by their teacher just for who they are. You do this so well!

Thank you for making the children feel at home from the very first day of school.

Thank you for preparing those who are going to upper primary so well.

Thank you for knowing our children.

Thank you for encouraging them to extend themselves.

Thank you for giving them space when they needed that as well.

Thank you for making our kids want to go to school everyday.

Thank you for the loving seeds you planted in our sons and daughters this year.

As Henry Adams said: «a teacher affects eternity, you can never tell where their influence stops».

We are forever grateful to you Maddy,

Lets learn together !

It is an excellent option for those parents who are looking for a safe and comfortable environment for their children to learn and grow while enjoying the learning process.

 There’s nowhere like home!


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Email: hola@montessorionlinevalencia.com

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